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FoodSight is an online platform that helps food businesses overcome their food safety challenges by connecting them to freelance professionals in order to tackle their most pressing challenges in terms of food safety, quality, and export-readiness.

Using the latest online technology tools, this one-stop-shop platform will provide the food businesses with affordable consultancy project packages as well as access to an online library of regulatory documents, through a B2B Freemium model.

By that, they will be able to enhance the quality of their food products and by that reduce rejections and complaints, reduce wasted time and effort, and increase productivity. All that in an easy, convenient and affordable way compared to current alternatives.


FoodSight’ promise is to keep connecting food industry stakeholders with the highest quality professionals and to help them get the best solutions when it comes to food safety, in a fast, easy & affordable way.


FoodSight’  vision is to create business and social impacts within the food industry, engaging F&B stakeholders, helping in enhancing the food safety culture and opening freelance work opportunities for regional experts and food technology scientists.

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Our Story

Check out this article for in depth view on FoodSight journey till date:
“Zoom In: FoodSight” Posted on Sept. 24.2020 by Berytech:
“Lebanon, and the agro-food businesses specifically, need more definitive and practical solutions”

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Fidele Al Achkar
Consulting & Business Development

Food Safety Consultant
8+ years of experience in the food industry
Multinational NGOs & humanitarian activist
& Ambassador

Nathalie Nasr
Sales and Marketing

Franchise Consultant
Marketing Specialist
NGO Social Activist


Mrs. Sabah Corom
Founder Rigino
Dr. Atef Idriss
Foodsight founders are social activists & business professionals with 10+ years of experience in food safety consultancy, franchise & business consultancy in the F&B industry. They are as well members in multiple national and international scientific, humanitarian, social & women empowerment NGOs & associations.
They believe this solution will disrupt the way food safety is tackled in the region, create business opportunities, and have a strong social impact.
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