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Local Decree No. 1/15 of Covid19 Preventive Measures for Food Industries in Lebanon

This Decree provides general preventive guidelines by the Lebanese ministry of Industry for food and manufacturing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

General Food Labelling Rules and Standards in USA

This document states the changes of the nutrition facts label requirements for foods sold in the United States.

FDA Labelling Requirements for Fruits and Vegetables marketed in USA

This regulation states general labelling requirements for fruits and vegetables sold in the United States.

Profiles of EU and other Countries

This document discusses the profiles of countries European Union, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. The profile includes total area, population, currency, official EU language, economy, imports and exports for each country.

General Technical Requirements for foods imported into Australia including fresh fruits and vegetables, food Additives, meat & poultry Products

This document provides general technical rules and requirements for goods imported into Australia to ensure that the food products complies with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. It also states all the information (labeling and compositional requirements for food) and the documents relating to the importation (invoices, BLAD, ICD) and the process for importers.

EU Requirements & Specifications for the fruit Potatoes

This document provides EU standards for the fruit Potatoes. These specifications cover general import requirements as well as specific requirements and marketing standards for Potatoes .

EU Requirements & Specifications for the fruit Avocados

This document provides EU standards for the fruit Avocado. These specifications cover general import requirements as well as specific requirements and marketing standards for Avocado.

General Labeling Requirements for food in Canada including meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables

This document states the policies and standards relating to the health, safety, and nutritional quality of food intended to be sold directly to consumers at the retail level in Canada.

General Requirements for fruits & vegetables imported to EU

This regulation establishes general requirements and procedures to import plants and plant products to EU.
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