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We are Live! The Leading Food Industry Marketplace in MENA


Original content by the founders 

What’s FoodSight? 

We are an online marketplace on a mission to change the way agro-food businesses access information and connect with top talent.

We provide consulting services covering food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance to food businesses through a combination of technology and access to freelance professionals.

This innovative solution is supporting the agro-food sector by providing unique services and freelance diversified expertise while assisting food manufacturers in reaching, understanding, and fulfilling the regulatory requirements, procedures, and certifications, with the following goals:

  • Helping them get ready to comply with any local or international regulation and, by that, increase their chances in outer markets,
  • Helping them reduce rejections and complaints by improving the quality of their food products, and by that, improving their market positioning, and
  • Allowing them to access an online platform that helps them increase productivity by reducing wasted time and effort.

All that, through an online platform offering a dynamic, efficient, cost-effective, and fully accessible work environment, while creating more job opportunities for industry experts who will join this platform as freelancers.


What’s new? 

The platform is accessible on mobile or desktop, including multiple features:

  • Five Main Consultancy Services Categories
  • E-Library optimized search
  • Toolkit e-commerce page
  • The Blog section includes interesting articles about FoodSight and the global agri-food sector
  • New Partnerships with Local & International entities
  • Customer Service Support System
  • Dynamic Project Work Environment
  • User Guides & Tutorials
  • Knowledge Base Articles


Let’s have a closer look! 



Our top-quality food industry professionals are just one request away!

Our pool of experts includes diversified trusted & proved experiences in providing one or more of the following services.

You will need our services, if you are a Food Manufacturer operating in one of the following sectors:

Dairy, meat/poultry, seafood, canned & RTE food, ingredients, bakery & mill, cereals & grains, fruits & vegetables, confectionery & sweets, oil & fat, etc.

Our services are divided under five main categories:


You can easily receive support and work with specialized food professionals on creating your new products and being confident before launching them into the market.


You can make sure all your operational activities are documented, and you have in place a written Food Safety Management System detailing exactly how your business manages food safety and hygiene.


Our services open doors to the commercialization of your food products. This starts with the assessment of your company’s status in terms of food safety & quality management system implementation, until preparing you for a specific standard & system certification.


Ensuring an acceptable level of food safety and quality is also a necessity to protect your consumers, facilitate your import/export activities, and make sure you are compliant with any trade or country-specific regulations.


Providing adequate food safety training to everyone who handles food in your food facility or business is essential to protect your consumers from food poisoning, allergic reactions, and other health risks, such as the COVID-19 virus or others.



We offer you bundles of ready to use templates & checklists compiled and created by experts with years of industry experience, as prerequisites to help you cover all your food industry activities.


Our wide collection of ready to use templates & checklists helps you:

  • Save time and money by combining your efforts.
  • Maximize efficiency and accuracy for compliance.
  • Help your facility fulfill regulatory requirements and successfully navigate the audit process.


Who can use our Food Industry Templates?

This category offers documentation to accommodate your needs, whether you are a food business owner, a food professional, a product manager, wherever you are around the globe…

You can request one or more packages with multiple templates, request selected checklists, or you can ask to personalize the existing documentation for your business type (including your logo, your sector or business details…).



We at FoodSight believe that it is your right to access information for free, in a fast and easy way.

Building trust with our stakeholders and clients is our core value. Therefore, we chose to help you feed your curiosity by providing you with more than 600 documents that are constantly updated and increasing based on the market needs.

You’re invited to take advantage of our wide collection of the latest food safety and quality laws, regulations, and procedures related to the sector you operate in.


Who can download?

FoodSight’s online library is for you.

If you are launching a new food business and don’t know what it takes to get started in the food industry;

If you are operating a food business in any sector, want to keep updated on the latest regulatory requirements related to your type of business and the food products you produce, or have a specific activity that you need to make sure you are complying with;

If you work in the food industry and want to stay up to date on all regulatory and procedural requirements, please create an account as a client or expert and browse our library;

Our e-library helps you:

  • Reduce squandered time and effort.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Facilitate access to local and international regulatory documentation with just one click.



To explore your journey with FoodSight, click on “How It Works” and find out more!



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